Brunton (M/L) Bettered Liners Heatsync Glove No2714 AFOQTUY016

Brunton (M/L) Bettered Liners Heatsync Glove No.2714 AFOQTUY016

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Brunton Heatsync Glove Liners (M/L) No.2714 Low-profile glove liners with integral carbon fibre heating elements - wear them under any glove, and enjoy warm hands all day.Brunton HeatSync Glove Liners have exclusive carbon fibre heating elements built in, powered by a rechargeable battery.They're slim and low-profile, so you can choose any glove to put over the top, or even wear them alone for maximum dexterity..Their silicon-printed palm and conductive forefinger and thumbs let you control your digital/touchscreen devices without taking them off. Powered by 5V B-Powered Battery System (includes 2 Batteries and Charging Cable) HEAT: High 1.1 hr 55°C/130F , Medium 2.2 hr 45°C/113F , Low 3.5 hr 38°C